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Missouri Federal Court Denies Motion to Stay Coverage Action Pending Resolution of State Insolvency Proceedings Against Insured

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In a win for Wiley Rein’s client, a Missouri federal court has denied a motion to stay a coverage action against an insolvent insurer pending the resolution of insolvency proceedings in state court, holding that the insolvent insurer had failed to demonstrate that the case presented one of the exceptional cases where abstention is appropriate.… Continue Reading

Expert Testimony Regarding the Timing of a Claim and Applicability of Exclusions is Inadmissible

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A federal trial court has held that an expert opinion that relates to when a claim was made or the application of certain exclusions is inadmissible in coverage litigation, while expert opinions related to the insurance industry’s customs and practices are allowed. Foundation Health Servs., Inc. v. Zurich Am. Ins.Co., 2016 WL 1449678 (M.D.La. April… Continue Reading