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Collateral Estoppel Bars Relitigation of Issues Bearing on Prior Knowledge of Potential Claim

Posted in Prior Knowledge/Warranty Exclusion
An Alaska federal court has held that a state court’s finding in the underlying litigation that an insured should have known of a potential claim by a date before inception of a policy collaterally estopped the insured from relitigating that issue in a coverage dispute concerning a prior knowledge provision.  ALPS Prop. & Cas. Ins.… Continue Reading

Coverage Barred for Claim Made During Initial Policy Period and Reported in Renewal Period

Posted in Notice of Claim
The Ninth Circuit, applying Alaska law, has held that coverage was not afforded under a company’s professional errors and omissions insurance policy for a claim made against the company during the policy period but not reported until the renewal policy period.  Alaska Interstate Constr., LLC v. Crum & Forster Specialty Ins. Co., 2017 WL 3601728… Continue Reading

Insured Not Prejudiced by Insurer’s Failure to Attend Settlement Meetings; Alaska Law Precluding Recoupment of Defense Costs Preempted by Federal Risk Retention Group Statute

Posted in Bad faith/duty to settle, Defense Costs, Estoppel
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a district court’s denial of an insurer’s motion for summary judgment and held that the insurer, which was organized as a risk retention group, was entitled to reimbursement of defense costs incurred in defense of a non-covered claim because Alaska’s statutory bar against recoupment conflicts with the… Continue Reading